Sharn's Bounty

Third Session: Drow Liberation

With a first set of ruins purged of the mysterious cult, the party pressed southward toward territory controlled by the Drow, where they found a tribe that had been decimated by more cultists. It was here that the party encountered an Acolyte of Vulkoor named Ryld. The tribe’s cleric matron fought alongside the three adventurers as they went underground into the caves her people called home.
Ryld, Acolyte of Vulkoor

(Vloss Che’el: the blood city. Only permanent Drow settlement in eastern Xen’drik)
Drow tribes in this part of Xen’drik are generally nomadic. They roam the wilds until they find a suitable cave or set of ruins, and set up camp for the rainy seasons, when travel is most dangerous. By the time the monsoons end, and much of the local resources expended, the tribe moves on to find a new home.

As the party delved into Ryld’s home, they found more cultists, corrupted by Khyber who were summoning more aberrant creatures. As they liberated the caves, they found that the cultists had largely lost control of the creatures they were summoning, and that some of them had even been physically corrupted by the eldritch magic they wielded, being turned into nothics.
(nothic: aberrant creature that was once a humanoid, but has been corrupted by its use of eldritch magic)

One of the cultists managed to contain one of the aberrations within a field of magic, but the beast eventually escaped. Taking advantage of the intruders, two cultists helped our adventurers defeat the escaped aberration. One was eager to help, while the other quite reluctant. Terrified by the creatures and their inability to control them, one cultist begged for forgiveness, swearing to devote his life to Ryld’s tribe and their safekeeping. Ryld slew the other for his reluctance to help.

Deeper within the caverns, the group found a portal from which the aberrations were coming, and they managed to slaughter all the creatures within the cave and close the portal.



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