Sharn's Bounty

Third and Fourth Sessions: the Infernal Machine

After another trek through Xen’drik’s jungles, our group encountered another of the Silver Fangs prey: a paladin sworn to the Church of the Silver Flame named Serra, who gladly joined up with the others in their quest to vanquish the cultists, putting an end to their devious ploy to assist the Rakshasa lord’s ambition of conquering the continent with a horde of aberrations before it is too late.

The party continued toward the ruins whose ancient artifacts and magics drew the cult. The first ruin they encountered was riddled with aberrations and traps, and contained an infernal machine ran by two Yuan-ti. Unfortunately, the machine had been activated and the group was unable to determine its function, but it was destroyed, so whatever plans the cult had for it ultimately failed.

Aberrant Machine

The destruction of the powerful machine was not without consequences, however. Unleashing great amounts of eldritch energy portended the merging of another plane. It is possible that the merging of planes was the purpose of this machine. A merging of planes would be far worse than a mere opening of portals: it would spell doom for Xen’drik, as countless forms would be able to traverse freely between the two planes, with the convergence area covering up to tens of kilometers.

In addition to the potential weakening of inter-planar balance, the blast devastated the party, unfortunately killing Ryld.

With a portion of forest destroyed and a sense of arcane chaos in the area, the party decided that this would be a safe place to camp for the night to recover from their difficult struggle and decide on a best course of action for the next day.



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