fierce Xathrid warrior

Xathrid is a colloquial term for a subrace of Thri-Kreen: an ancient insectoid race, of which few remain in ruins below Stormreach in Xen’drik. There is archeological evidence that the Thri-Kreen once controlled vast swaths of northern Xendrik


The Xathrid drones are all male, part of a hive-mind believed to be controlled by one or several queens. While each drone is psionically linked to its queen, they have exhibited traits of individuality, suggesting that they act and think of their own accord, directed by their queen. The Xathrid Queen is undoubtedly a brilliant and powerful creature, as its intellect allows it to communicate with tens of thousands of individuals simultaneously.

Xathrid are omniverous, but rely on high volumes of plant material in the construction of their vast underground colonies. They partially digest and regurgitate plant fibers. This mixture results in a resin that hardens with the strength of steel, allowing them to build colonies that rival the size of Dwarven citadels.

Xathrid mound: though impressive in size (some 100-200 ft. high, estimates suggest that the vast labyrinthine colony can extend for a radius as far as 20 miles, and go as deep as 1 mile

It is thought that the savannas of their territory were once lush jungles, now stripped of their vibrant plant life by the ravenous creatures. This behavior makes the Xathrid highly territorial. As they push northward, they have encroached upon the territory of the Drow clans. Despite their vast numbers, the Xathrid have been unsuccessful in making any headway into the jungle ruled by the Drow.

There appears to be little to no social hierarchy among Xathrid drones. Individuals who have lived longer tend to be stronger and more adept in combat, but they do not assume a leadership role among the younger drones: they all submit to the will of the queen.


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