Voss Che'el, the Blood City

Voss Che’el

Situated beneath a vast overhang below a mountain, Voss Che’el, or “Blood City” in common, has stood for centuries, serving as a refuge, trading hub, and cultural center for the six Drow clans of eastern Xen’drik.

The clans unified into a federation after several bloody wars decimated their population, and the expansionist Xathrid in the plains to the south forced them to come together against a common foe.

Representatives from the clans form a council which meets periodically to discuss military strategies, political policy, and the general well-being of the Drow. Generally, the clans are nomadic, and tribes within each clan will go on expeditions into the jungles to find treasure, artifacts from their past, and to map parts of the jungle.

Voss Che'el, the Blood City

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