Sharn's Bounty

Ninth Session: Below Sharn: the Infested Forge

After returning to Sharn and Morgraive University, En and Mara decide to visit Bedel at her bar where tensions between the Cliffside guild and the Death’s Gate Guild come to a head, resulting in a bar fight. The party manages to smooth things over in the fight, and Bedel bans both groups from the bar until they clean up their acts.


After Bedel thanks En and Mara for their support, they speak with a Lassader, Mercenary Necromancer, and strike up a partnership: if he finds work for En and Mara, he agrees to share contracts with them, referring them to potential employers.

Also at the bar, Mara speaks with Derj, Forman of the Forge, who is desperate for help, as he has lost several workers in the forges below Sharn. He believes that the disappearances are due to the recent discovery of a shaft that leads deep into the ruins below Sharn. En and Mara eagerly ask the dwarf to help his people, which thrills him to the beard.


As En and Mara investigate the ruins within the forge, they find several groups of demons that have been summoned by a deranged wizard who seeks to sow chaos in Sharn. His closest ally is a succubus who at the very end of their final fight, charms Mara. As En finishes the succubus, her enchantment fades, and Mara, frustrated at her lack of resistance decapitates the succubus, keeping the head as a reminder to keep her head about her.

Disturbed by the thought of demons invading Sharn, Mara urges Derj to seek help from the Church of the Silver Flame, to which he agrees. The adventurers leave the forges and pursue Verian, Archbishop of the Church of the Silver Flame to deal with the demon threat. Verian’s interest piqued by the demon discovery chooses to look into the matter personally.

Next day, En and Mara pay a visit to an esoteric merchant’s square where they discover myriad specialty shops and purchase a number of strange items.

*Note: Mara has noticed that there is a theme of chaos that seems to be following them wherever they go. The Dreaming Dark in Xen’drik seek to disturb the peace of the current landscape. The rising tensions in the rivalry between the two main guilds of Sharn, and the diabolist’s attempt to infest the forges all point toward rising chaos in the land



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