En, Exiled Criminal

Druid Elf exiled for crime not committed


En was exiled when accused of killing a dragon-marked aristocrat of Khorvaire. Possibility exists that En DID actually kill the aristocrat, but was completely feral at the time so has no recollection of it or a feral personality was responsible.

While proficient at religion, she studied it as research more than follower or believer. Idolizes an old druid legend/god(vaguely alluded to as the All-Being) who morphed so many times, the deity was able to live on without converting back to their original form and could transform into different creatures, and even Polyformed creatures by will(also different races)permanently. En endeavors to one day attain the same or greater druid mastery, and shape-shift infinite possibilities.

Personality flaw – quiet and awkward a lot. Does weird shit from time to time, especially when in non-elven form.

Bond: entered seclusion to get away from those who hunt her for crimes not committed, or believed not to have committed.

En, Exiled Criminal

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