Sharn's Bounty

Seventh and Eighth Sessions: to Sharn and Back to Xen'drik

Sharn: City of Towers

Chellewis Lands in a plain outside the city of Sharn, bidding our adventurers farewell and good luck, he flies southward, back toward Xen’drik. The party makes its way toward the city of towers, where they deftly avoid a group of strange phasing dog-like beasts. At the gates of Sharn, they are greeted by Kairn, Sharn’s captain of the guard. Orryn regaled their adventures in Xen’drik, and worked with Mara to provide sufficient evidence of their prowess: Orryn used his knowledge of fire magic and Mara’s illusionary skill to create a flaming clone of Orryn who screeched about the plain: “Eeeeeeee!” Kairn was so impressed that he took them straight into the city. They were provided with a general idea of what facilities they could find, and the party went to a nearby tavern where they met the owner Bedel, who informed them of a guild rivalry between the Cliffside Guild and Death’s Gate Guild. The former is a league of mercenaries, generally favored by the public, and the later is littered with pickpockets and thieves. While socializing with the patrons, Mara met a rather shady cloaked individual wielding a deadly scythe. This fellow gave Mara a red mati stone and encouraged her to contact him if she was looking for work, and that he is a member of the Death’s Gate Guild.

After a bit of fun in the pub, the party went on to meet with the members of Morgrave University. Here they meet a number of interesting individuals. The first of which is Chace, Child Prodigy. They assisted the eccentric researcher in an experiment on chanelling raw mana into powerful spells and illusions. After this research, they proceeded into a Giantish research lab, where they met Marn, Eminent Giantologistt. As Mara and En perused the research lab, Marn teleported them to Xen’drik to help him in his Giantish research. Here, they learned that there is a non-feral, intelligent giant with whom he had had contact, teaching him and training him in the ways of polite society. Marn wants the party to find the “smart giant” as he endearingly calls him. As they search for the smart giant, the party happens across a dead giant just outside what appears to be a Giantish settlement. usurped by a group of half-elves. After fighting and defeating the group of guards, talking to Marn and further investigating the Giantish settlement, Mara and En learned that the invaders are Quori, of the Dreaming Dark. These individuals are especially equipped with anti-giantish enchanted weapons. Upon further investigation, they discover a number of Giantish artifacts used to close and open portals to the Dreaming Dark, and they find one such portal in a makeshift underground tunnel. They defeat the remainder of the Quori in the settlement with the help of Marn and continue their quest to find the smart giant.



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