Sharn's Bounty

Second Session - Buried Keep

After a night’s rest followed by a day-long trek through Xen’drik’s wild jungles, the party arrived at a partially buried giantish keep.


While Orryn and Thenan found their way into the ruins of a buried tower, En was approached by a spirit who requested help from the party. the phantom, garbed in white, flowing robes, said that an artifact of great power bound it and its brethren in the Pale Valley, that if the artifact were destroyed, they would be free, and could aid the group in their escape from Xen’drik.


En agreed to assist, so after camping for the night, the party delved deep into an ancient giantish keep infested with deadly drow cultists.


They found that the cult served a Rakshasa lord deep in the jungles far to the south.

(Drow cultist)

The Rakshasa seeks to bring about the Age of the Worm, infesting the jungles of Xen’drik with hordes of demons, and ultimately summoning the Demigod of death, Kyuus.


In this ruin, the cult was channelling power from the relic of a dead angel whose spirit had drawn many other less successful adventurers to these ruins. In their failed efforts the fallen spirits were bound to the valley, calling further explorers to their collective aid.

After learning all this, the party has decided to venture south through perilous drow territory to stop the cult’s diabolical plans.



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