Sharn's Bounty

First Session - Into the Jungle

The player characters (pcs) were dropped out of an airship in cages somewhere on the northern coast of Xen’drik. A sage gnomish arcane tinkerer, Orryn, picked his lock and freed a hermit wood elf druid, En, a Dwarven knight npc named Thorzair, and a high elf scout named Thenan. The party had no equipment save for the rags on their backs, but went off into the jungle southward.

Fortune smiled upon them, as they did not encounter the shark-like sahaugin tribes who dominate the coastal areas, rather, they found a sheltered lagoon ruled by peaceful merfolk. The merfolk provided some food and Deepwater cloaks (fire resist) to all the party, informing them of a feud between the merfolk tribe and the sahaugin, and that the party is part of a cruel hunting game carried out by other outlanders (those not native to Xen’drik). They also learned that there is no proper civilization for several thousand miles, but that there is a large set of ruins ~50 to the southwest where they might find better shelter.


Taking refuge in the safety of the lagoon, they made camp, but were troubled a reptilian roar off in the distance

They set out for the ruins next day, and encountered a clearing with a tall ~30’ wooden tower in the center. Upon approaching the tower, they were ambushed by an emaciated and injured allosaurus. The party would have been a quick meal if not for some creativity and quick thinking, they managed to topple the tower on top of the poor beast, bringing it down before they could be eaten. The wooden tower contained a crate with some of their equipment.


Continuing on toward the ruins, the party encountered a young ogre, who slew Thorzair in a single blow. the party defeated the ogre at great cost, and made camp, discovering another crate containing more of their gear.



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